We enable companies to make better business decisions based on an objective understanding of the markets and competing companies in a particular sector. We also help Regulators, Researchers, Financial Analysts and other Industry Observers by providing an accurate, informed and unbiased view of markets and the dynamics shaping them.

Current Analysis focuses on what is happening in the market today, specific tactics that vendors are using and in-depth analysis of products and their capabilities. We also provide in-depth industry-, region- and country-specific market and customer data services. Our industry analysts examine market events and company products to produce valuable insight on:

  • What’s happening in the market
  • What customers are demanding
  • How competitors stack up
  • Which vendors are best positioned
  • Which vendors are most vulnerable

Current Analysis reports can be used to:

  • Understand the consumer and enterprise customer drivers globally or by region and country
  • Make more informed investment decisions or recommendations
  • Assist equipment and service buyers in selecting the right company for their needs
  • Gain insight into market dynamics and the companies that compete within them