The concept of an "Internet of Things" is not new. In one form or another, machines have been network-connected for years. Today's Internet of Things, however, is much more than just a new name for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Beyond the industrial, vertical market focus of traditional M2M offers, new use cases are still evolving as deployments scale and solutions mature to the point where meaningful RoI might be expected.


iotIn tandem, consumer IoT use cases have opened up, fueled by the development of smart accessories (watches, fitness trackers, jewelry) and home automation solutions, all of which service providers are looking to exploit in an effort to move beyond traditional service offers. As these use cases expand, however, so too has the broader IoT technology ecosystem.

New cellular technologies have evolved to support the diversity in deployments, joining the fixed and short-range (WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth) options that do much of the heavy lifting. New back office solutions have emerged in order to on-board the massive number of new connections today and going forward. Perhaps most importantly, new computing and analytics platforms have emerged in order to process, secure and make use of all the data these devices generate.

Current Analysis' coverage of the Internet of Things Ecosystem includes analysis of the services and technologies comprising today’s end-to-end IoT landscape: enterprise-focused services and solutions, consumer-focused services and solutions and the underlying technologies that support them. Leveraging analysis from across diverse Current Analysis practices, the service is designed to provide in-depth insight into how IoT services and solutions are being deployed and the many ways in which vendors, operators and other service providers are competing based on timely analysis of key product launches, partnerships, acquisition and other events shaping the industry.

Internet of Things Ecosystem Analysts

Peter Jarich

Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure

Brad Shimmin

Business Technology and Software

Jason Marcheck

Service Provider Infrastructure

Kathryn Weldon

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Ian Grant

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility Europe

Lynnette Luna

Principal Analyst, Consumer & Senior Analyst, Services Ecosystem