Pramod Agrawal

Analyst, Kable Global ICT

Hussein Ahmed

Analyst, Africa & Middle East

Bashir Ali

Analyst, Africa and Middle East

Rob Anderson

Principal Analyst

Leslie Arathoon

Director of Product Development

Daniel Ashdown

Kable Senior Analyst

Ozgur Aytar

Director of Research

Renjitha Balkrishan

Analyst, Kable Global Intelligence

Tim Banting

Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communications

Gary Barton

Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Rena Bhattacharyya

Director, Custom Research

Houda Bostanji

Principle Analyst Africa & Middle East

Ivan Maldonado

Analyst, Latin America

Peter Briggs

Senior Analyst, Consumer Services Global

Emir Halilovic

Principal Analyst, Service Provider Infrastructure

John Byrne

Service Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Jerry Caron

Senior Vice President, Analysis

Stephanie Char

Analyst, Western Europe

Joel Cooper

Director, Africa and Middle East

Tony Cripps

Principal Analyst, Smart Cities

Chris Drake

Principal Analyst, Data Center Technology

Carlos Luis Duchicela

Associate Analyst, Latin America

Charlotte Dunlap

Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Meredith Eitt

Senior Analyst, Consumer Platforms and Devices

Jessica Figueras

Kable Chief Analyst

Mike Fratto

Research Director, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology

Tim Gower

Kable Research Director

Ian Grant

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility Europe

Avi Greengart

Research Director, Consumer Platforms and Devices

Ruby Ghunia

Analyst, IT in Insurance

Ed Gubbins

Senior Analyst, Mobile Access Infrastructure

Josh Hewer

Kable Senior Analyst

Jamie Huff

Senior Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.

Glen Hunt

Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure

Peter Jarich

Chief Analyst, Consumer and Infrastructure

Daniel Jones

Kable Senior Analyst

Marcelo Kawanami

Research Manager, Latin America

Dustin Kehoe

Service Director, Asia Pacific

Erik M. Keith

Principal Analyst, Broadband Networks and Multi-Play Services

Gary Barnett

Head of Enterprise Advisory

Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Simon Liang

Associate Analyst, Asia Pacific

Andrena Logue

Research Director, IT in Healthcare

Lynnette Luna

Principal Analyst, Consumer & Senior Analyst, Services Ecosystem

Jason Marcheck

Service Provider Infrastructure

John Marcus

Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Eulalia Marín-Sorribes

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Sandeep Mishra

Lead Analyst, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

Alan Mo

Kable Research Director

Emma Mohr-McClune

Consumer Services

Kate O'Flaherty

Contributing Analyst, Wholesale Services

Andreas Olah

Lead Analyst, IT in Retail

Alaa Owaineh

Lead Analyst, Energy & Utilities

Bruce Page

Vice President, Custom Research

Tammy Parker

Senior Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.

Eric Parizo

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security

Sheba Philip

Analyst, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

Mak Rahnama

Senior Analyst, Africa & Middle East

Neharika Ralhan

Kable Senior Analyst

Paul Rizzuto

Senior Analyst, Telecom Vendor Services

Malcolm Rogers

Analyst, Asia Pacific

Emanuele Romanazzo

Associate Analyst, Europe

Natasha Rybak

Principal Analyst, Consumer Services Europe

Piyush Sharma

Lead Analyst, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

Brad Shimmin

Business Technology and Software

Nishant Singh

Practice Head, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

David Snow

Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

Siow-Meng Soh

Senior Research Manager

Joel Stradling

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Nicole Teasley

Analyst, Consumer Platforms and Devices

Prarthna Tiga

Analyst, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

Praveen Kumar Tripathi

Senior Analyst, Kable Global ICT Intelligence

Stephen Walker

Lead Analyst, Retail Banking IT

Brian Washburn

Business Network and IT Services

Kathryn Weldon

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Ron Westfall

Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Cindy Whelan

Principal Analyst, Business Network & IT Services

Robert Wyrzykowski

Analyst, Central & Eastern Europe

Peter Zanatta

Director of Consulting, Custom Research