Outstanding depth and breadth along with unique types of data, all quality assured.

Data in depth

Current Analysis, which is now combined with Pyramid Research and Kable to deliver enriched value to clients, provides data to unique depth; engaging with decision-makers and influencers representing at least 80% of any given market. We achieve it with extensive and highly engaged networks developed over 20 years in the business.

We conduct proprietary research with in-house resources and work with best-in-class research instruments.

Breadth of coverage

We cover the full range of telecom and IT sectors on both vendor and buyer sides. With over 100 analysts in offices around the world, we offer in-depth coverage of more than 100 countries.

Unique types of data

Current Analysis offers data other providers don’t. Examples include:

  • Opportunity sizing: key driver analysis and long term forecasting
  • Client Prospector: estimates and predicts technology investments made by enterprises across the globe
  • Customer Insight: analysis of enterprises’ technology budget allocations and proposed technology investment plans
  • Services and Software Contracts: tracks all publicly disclosed technology and software contracts
  • Telecom Pricing and Promotion Tracking: regional pricing and promotion databases updated daily, weekly, or monthly

Data quality                                                                    

We apply rigorous processes and quality controls, cross-checking constantly to ensure data validity. We use the most reliable sources available to complete our understanding - official national statistics, industry and trade research and financial records - and normalize and structure this data using proprietary tools and techniques.