We examine industry trends, market events, companies and products to deliver valuable insight on:

  • What’s happening in the IT supply market and why
  • What customers are demanding
  • What’s working, what’s not working
  • What competitors are saying to customers
  • How to respond to market conditions to maximize success

Our services include:

  • Market Advisory & Competitive Intelligence Services

    We deliver Intelligence Reports, Company Assessments, Product Assessments and more that keep clients in touch with what’s happening in their markets
  • Customer Intelligence

    We track the size and direction of technology markets, capture insight on business issues driving investment and provide detail on companies, buying intentions and contracts
  • Procurement Support for IT Buyers

    Insight into products and competing companies to inform better procurement decisions by infrastructure equipment and services buyers at carriers, operators and service providers and enterprise service buyers. We offer unbiased analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of suppliers’ constantly changing product lines, enabling procurement professionals to understand the products, companies and key trends shaping the telecom industry