We deliver unique robust data, trusted analysis and actionable recommendations on the IT buying landscape.

We’re the leading source of assessments of IT equipment and telecom services, enabling IT Professionals to evaluate products and suppliers quickly, easily and efficiently and determine the best technology procurement solution for their needs.

Our IT Buyers’ Procurement Support provides expert insights:

  • On the market:

    • The trends and emerging technologies that will impact on purchasing requirements
    • Where innovation is taking place and how you can benefit from it
  • On vendors and service providers:

    • Keeps track of vendor product lines, strategies and roadmaps
    • Evaluates the best products and service solutions
    • Identifies which vendors are the strong competitors and market disruptors
  • On buying decisions:

    • How to make the right technical choice at the right price
    • Makes you more 'intelligence ready' for more effective negotiations
    • Helps speed up procurement decision-making