Intuitive tools, direct analyst access, reports and briefings.

Advanced online portals

Our advanced online portals make it easy to incorporate our research into your workflows. They feature tools both for C-level users who need a wider overview as well as users who need to dig deeper.

Leading edge visualizations provide informative at-a-glance dashboards while intuitive tools make it easy for users to create charts and manipulate datasets to discover underlying patterns by markets, countries or categories. Data, charts, images and text can all be clipped and exported in the format required - presentation, spreadsheet or word document.

If users need more insight, ‘Analyst Inquiry’ enables direct collaboration with Current Analysis experts.

Access and options

Clients can also access our research through the reports and briefings we produce every year. Current Analysis produces over 5,000 reports annually for over 100 countries. They include Intelligence Reports, Company Assessments, Product Assessments, Advisory Reports, Country Intelligence Reports, in-depth Thematic Reports and more.