Current Analysis is a leading global provider of market and competitive intelligence for telecom and IT businesses. We work with an enviable portfolio of over 1,500 major organizations, helping them evaluate opportunities, benchmark performance, make more informed decisions and win business.

The strength of our offering is the combination of:

We support more than 35,000 executives across strategic, marketing, sales, purchasing/procurement and product functions with expertise in:

  • Market intelligence: sizing, segmentation and competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning and business plan validation
  • Innovation insight and new product planning
  • Client insight, retention, acquisition and development
  • Sales support
  • New market identification and entry support

Part Global Data and now combined with Pyramid Research and Kable to deliver enriched value to clients, we have research offices around the world and deep experience in our specialist sectors.

Headquartered in London, with offices in Boston, Buenos Aires, London, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney, we provide broad global reach.

The depth and breadth of today's Current Analysis offering represents the combined strengths of several best-in-class businesses acquired by Global Data since 2012.