Current Analysis provides Market Data & Customer Intelligence and in-depth insights and advisory in a wide range of industry verticals.

Verticals products & services
  • Education

    Track ICT investment trends in schools, colleges and universities around the world
  • Energy

    Track energy companies' ICT spending in-house and with third-parties
  • Financial Markets

    See where ICT fits in the evolving financial markets landscape
  • Government

    Track ICT spending by government departments and agencies of all sizes, in-house and with third-parties
  • Healthcare

    See how healthcare providers of all sizes are choosing to spend their ICT budgets
  • Insurance

    Track the way major insurance industry changes are affecting the ICT investment agenda
  • Manufacturing

    Benefit from customer and market insight into ICT spending in manufacturing
  • Media

    See where ICT fits in the fast-evolving media industry
  • Pharmaceuticals

    Track prospects and investment trends across the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries
  • Retail Banking

    Track ICT investment patterns across the retail banking industry
  • Retail

    Understand how technology is resolving the latest business issues in retail
  • Telco/Service Providers

    Analysis of telco/service provider ICT investment decisions
  • Travel & Leisure

    Understand changing ICT investment patterns in the Travel & Leisure industry
  • Utilities

    Track ICT investment trends in the utilities industry across gas, water and electricity
  • Technology Verticals
  • Automotive/Connected Car

    Analyze the market for fast-evolving connectivity technology in the automotive industry
  • Payments

    Track the evolving payments technology landscape at a customer and market level
  • Smart Cities

    Strategic and tactical intelligence to target the ICT opportunity for smart cities
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