Strategic and tactical intelligence to target the ICT opportunity for smart cities

Current Analysis is uniquely equipped to dissect and interpret the emerging trend relating to smart cities, equipping ICT vendors with the intelligence they need to successfully target differing consortia of local government, business and academia with relevant ICT solutions.

Through our range of data and analytical products, we explain how cities have been deploying ICT solutions to improve a range of public services, identifying the emerging technology solutions that are driving smart city programs and both current and future ICT investment priorities. Our mix of data tools and analysis enables our clients to stay abreast of the latest industry activity, trigger points and events.

Smart Cities products and services

  • Models & Forecasts

    We provide macro-level forecasts of the smart cities ICT opportunities across relevant dimensions such as transportation, traffic management, energy, waste and water. We also assess the competitor landscape, identifying those vendors that have been engaged in successful smart city deployments
  • Account-based Intelligence

    Through an analytical approach that is both local and global, we are able to identify the most relevant smart cities programs across numerous geographies, highlighting both primary and secondary opportunities for vendors
  • Analysis

    Our analysis covers a broad range of topics within the smart cities realm, outlining the latest market activity, commenting on the evolving technology solutions and identifying and interpreting the most significant trends to watch
  • Tools

    Current Analysis offers a range of data-based tools to clarify the smart cities landscape. Our comprehensive cities database provides economic, demographic, employment and income information on numerous cities globally. Meanwhile, our ICT spending databases provide vital information on current and future spending at an individual program level
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