Track the evolving payments technology landscape at a customer and market level

Current Analysis keeps vendors in touch with the ways changing business and regulatory needs are affecting ICT investment decisions in the payments industry.

Supported with a deep understanding of the payments industry and the technologies that underpin it, we provide data, analytical and tool based products that keep clients in touch with the rapidly evolving payments landscape and help them target prospects more effectively.

Payments products and services

  • Models & Forecasts

    We forecast the size and growth of the payments technology market over a five year horizon. We provide granular insight into current and upcoming ICT investments across 30+ geographies and the most relevant technologies
  • Account-based Intelligence

    With a focus on end users we can identify potential payments technology investment at an individual customer level. Our company profiles, news and events reporting give our clients a first mover advantage with their target accounts
  • Analysis

    We outline the trends to watch across the industry and provide regular analysis of contract awards, competitor activity and technology developments
  • Tools

    Our market-leading database products identify investments in payments technology at both customer and market levels, capture the latest contract awards and highlight ICT investment triggers
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