Vital customer and market insight into ICT spending in manufacturing

Current Analysis provides unparalleled insight into how the ICT budgets of manufacturers around the world are evolving.

We estimate the way that manufacturers of all sizes are spending their ICT budgets, both in-house and with third-party providers. We give clients critical first-mover advantage by keeping them informed of the latest industry activity, trigger points and events.

Manufacturing products and services

  • Models & Forecasts

    We provide macro-level market opportunity forecasts across several technology categories and 30+ geographical markets. We also assess market shares, identifying successful vendors and enabling benchmarking
  • Account-based Intelligence

    Our coverage is both local and global. We identify the top-spending manufacturers across numerous geographies and highlight niche opportunities in smaller agencies
  • Analysis

    Our analysis covers a broad range of perspectives, clarifying the latest market activity, the evolving technology landscape and the competitive environment.
  • Tools

    Our data-based tools provide unparalleled insight into the customer landscape, offering vital news on company events, contract announcements and more. Updated daily, we provide access to vital information before it reaches a wider audience
How to access our solutions for your business

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