See where ICT fits in the evolving financial markets landscape

Our ICT in Financial Markets service assesses the challenge that ICT decision makers face in incorporating disruptive technologies into their organizations.

By focusing on both global trends and local activity, we clarify market opportunities and provide access to unique intelligence that will give you first-mover advantage over your Fintech competitors.

Financial Markets products and services

  • Models & Forecasts

    We identify ICT market opportunities across the industry and their place in the evolving landscape. Our forecasts cover 100+ technology categories across 30+ geographies
  • Account-based Intelligence

    We track financial institutions’ ICT spending in-house and with third-parties, identify the top spenders across numerous geographies and highlight niche opportunities in smaller institutions
  • Analysis

    We provide in-depth understanding of the key trends shaping the ICT industry, helping vendors to position their solutions to meet evolving business challenges.
  • Tools

    Our extensive primary research monitors the impact of increased regulation and difficult trading conditions on financial industry ICT investment, highlighting key spending trends
How to access our solutions for your business

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