Analyze the market for fast-evolving connectivity technology in the Automotive/Connected Car industry

The strength of Current Analysis in capturing the latest ICT industry developments is showcased in our Automotive/Connected Car service, where we analyze current and future market, technology and competitor trends relating to the deployment of ICT solutions within vehicles.

As part of our increasing focus on the Internet of Things, we are able to clarify how technology is shaping the vehicles of the future and how they are evolving to become more complex, connected devices.

Our service analyses the variety of ICT solutions the automotive industry is deploying, provides an ongoing assessment of industry activity and models how investments in Connected Car solutions are set to vary by brand, segment and geography.

Automotive/Connected Car products and services

  • Models & Forecasts

    We provide macro-level market forecasts of the Automotive/Connected Car opportunity across relevant technology categories in over 30 geographical markets. We also assess market shares, identifying successful vendors and enabling benchmarking
  • Account-based Intelligence

    We identify the ICT solutions that different automotive manufacturers are embedding in their products, equipping vendors with the intelligence they require to enhance their market presence
  • Analysis

    Our analysis covers a broad range of perspectives, providing insight on the evolving technology landscape, the competitive environment and the most relevant market trends to watch
  • Tools

    We have invested significant resources in a series of market-leading tools, providing insight into the ICT investment environment, offering ongoing updates on company events, contract announcements and the broader Internet of Things investment landscape. Our tools provide access to vital information before it reaches a wider audience
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