Analysis of the services and technologies comprising today’s end-to-end IoT landscape: enterprise-focused services and solutions, consumer-focused services and solutions and the underlying technologies that support them.

Our Internet of Things Ecosystem solution provides two types of market and competitive intelligence:

  • Market Advisory & Competitive Intelligence

    Delivers Intelligence Reports, Company Assessments, Product Assessments and more, to keep clients in touch with what’s happening in their markets
  • Innovation Strategies Tracking

    Provides the most reliable sourcing monitoring and evaluation of  meaningful innovation to accelerate and improve your own new product development

Leveraging analysis from across diverse Current Analysis practices, our solution provides in-depth insight into how IoT services and solutions are being deployed and the many ways in which vendors, operators and other service providers are competing based on timely analysis of key product launches, partnerships, acquisition and other events shaping the industry

Why Current Analysis

  • Data to outstanding depth and breadth, generated through proprietary research and extensive networks developed over 20 years
  • Expert insight from highly experienced analysts using the most advanced proprietary modeling tools, data systems and algorithms
  • Validation by in-country experts in markets around the world, ensuring our data and analysis reflects local conditions and behaviors
  • Actionable recommendations with every report

Combining into a uniquely strong proposition, these attributes make Current Analysis a leading choice for providing an Internet of Things intelligence solution you can rely on to inform your decision-making.

How to access our solutions for your business

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Internet of Things Ecosystem Analysts

Peter Jarich

Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure

Brad Shimmin

Business Technology and Software

Jason Marcheck

Service Provider Infrastructure

Kathryn Weldon

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Ian Grant

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility Europe

Lynnette Luna

Principal Analyst, Consumer & Senior Analyst, Services Ecosystem