We provide four types of market and competitive intelligence covering the full range of offerings from consumer services carriers, MVNOs, OTTs and third parties around the world.

Our Consumer Services solution supports executives and decision makers responsible for strategic planning, product development, pricing and marketing across the spectrum of telecom businesses. It provides:

Why Current Analysis

  • Data to outstanding depth and breadth, generated through proprietary research and extensive networks developed over 20 years
  • Expert insight from highly experienced analysts using the most advanced proprietary modeling tools, data systems and algorithms
  • Validation by in-country experts in markets around the world, ensuring our data and analysis reflects local conditions and behaviors
  • Actionable recommendations with every report

Combining into a uniquely strong proposition, these attributes make Current Analysis a leading choice for providing a Consumer Services intelligence solution you can rely on to inform your decision-making.

How to access our solutions for your business

Get in touch to discuss the ways our intelligence solutions can work for your business.


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Consumer Services Analysts

Hussein Ahmed

Analyst, Africa & Middle East

Bashir Ali

Analyst, Africa and Middle East

Leslie Arathoon

Director of Product Development

Ozgur Aytar

Director of Research

Houda Bostanji

Senior Analyst, Africa & Middle East

Stephanie Char

Analyst, Western Europe

Joel Cooper

Director, Africa and Middle East

Carlos Luis Duchicela

Associate Analyst, Latin America

Guillermo Hurtado

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Pablo Iacopino

Director, Europe

Marcelo Kawanami

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Simon Liang

Associate Analyst, Asia Pacific

Eulalia Marín-Sorribes

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Mak Rahnama

Senior Analyst, Africa & Middle East

Daniel Ramos

Senior Analyst, Enterprise & Wholesale Services Practice Leader

Malcolm Rogers

Analyst, Asia Pacific

Emanuele Romanazzo

Associate Analyst, Europe

Robert Wyrzykowski

Analyst, Central & Eastern Europe
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