Current Analysis provides independent and unbiased analysis and assessments of IT equipment and telecom services and the businesses supplying them.

With easy-to-read assessments of the key products and suppliers and side-by-side comparisons, we help you assess potential technology solutions to your business problem, create shortlist of possible suppliers and ensure an efficient and informed RFP process.

Our Procurement Support for Enterprise Buyers helps IT professionals to quickly, easily and efficiently assess products and suppliers to determine the best technology solution to fit their needs.


Current Analysis provides expert insight in key areas:

  • Market insights

    • What trends and emerging technologies will affect future purchasing requirements?
    • Where is innovation taking place, how could you take advantage of it?
  • Vendor insights

    • How do you keep track of vendor product lines, strategies and roadmaps?
    • Which are the best products and service solutions?
    • Which vendors are the strong competitors and market disruptors?
  • Buying decision insight

    • How do you make the right technical choice at the right price?
    • How can you be more 'intelligence ready' for more effective negotiations?
    • How can you speed up the procurement decisions process?

Why Current Analysis

Much of the product or solution information publically available to IT professionals comes directly from the supplier - hardly an unbiased source.

Current Analysis brings the expertise of over 20 industry experts to bear on any given procurement challenge, provides side-by-side comparisons of similar products and vendors using a common set of criteria and metrics.

Many of our analysts are former product managers or have held other positions in the industry. They follow vendors on a daily basis, sit in on multiple briefings and roadmap sessions and systematically share their insights and findings.

How to access our solutions for your business

Get in touch to discuss the ways our intelligence solutions can work for your business.

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IT Research Analysts

Tim Banting

Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communications

Gary Barton

Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Jerry Caron

Senior Vice President, Analysis

Ian Grant

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility Europe

Charlotte Dunlap

Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

Mike Fratto

Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology

Dustin Kehoe

Service Director, Asia Pacific

Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

John Marcus

Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Kate O'Flaherty

Contributing Analyst, Wholesale Services

Eric Parizo

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security

Brad Shimmin

Business Technology and Software

Joel Stradling

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Brian Washburn

Business Network and IT Services

Kathryn Weldon

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services

Cindy Whelan

Principal Analyst, Business Network and Wholesale Services