Our Managed & Hosted Services solution provides the real-time competitive intelligence that is a vital component of the strategy, product development, marketing and sales strategies of telecom, IT services, BPO and IT supplier organizations worldwide.

Coverage includes the disruptive approaches that promise to enhance productivity and competitiveness exponentially. Collaboration, security, mobility and cloud services are four of the many key business network and IT services drivers we review.

Our Managed & Hosted Services solution supports the knowledge requirements of executive, strategy, product development, sales and marketing functions. Services include:

Why Current Analysis

Our Market Data & Intelligence is unmatched, built largely on the significant investment we put into primary and secondary research to understand enterprise ICT & BPO budget allocations, technology priorities, procurement preferences and decision making processes. Through our engagement with ICT & BPO decisionmakers at all levels, we help clients to target potential customers by geography, sector and size band.

Accessing the most comprehensive range of sources ensures data and insight that are robust and reliable. Beyond publicly available information like websites, results reports, company briefings and news reports, we reach out directly to the initiators of the activity as often as possible. We supplement our sources with interviews, briefings and feedback from third parties including customers, resellers, partners and key opinion leaders.

We update our data continuously.

We’re rigorous about maintaining consistent classification to ensure side-by-side comparisons are always meaningful.

How to access our solutions for your business

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Managed & Hosted Services Analysts

Tim Banting

Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communications

Jerry Caron

Senior Vice President, Analysis

Chris Drake

Principal Analyst, Data Center Technology

Charlotte Dunlap

Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

Mike Fratto

Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology

Eric Parizo

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security

Brad Shimmin

Business Technology and Software