Gathering product feedback from sales opportunities, our Win/Loss Platform harvests valuable learning from every deal.

It uncovers the triggers of success or failure and helps you understand deal drivers and blockers. It also delivers continual insight to inform continuous improvement of your products, their pricing, positioning and messaging and your competitive sales tactics.

The Current Analysis Win/Loss Analysis solution supports professionals with responsibilities for sales performance, product improvement and brand management.

Why Current Analysis

Current Analysis has many years of experience at empowering successful product development and sales teams in businesses around the world.

Our expert analysts have an unmatched oversight of the market to share with your sales team - the trends driving demand, the vendors winning contracts and the products and services winning favor with customers.

Our analysts are also independent, able to provide objective and unbiased views of your performance, your products and how they compare those of your competitors.

How to access our solutions for your business

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