The Current Analysis Product Planning solution helps you understand competitive dynamics to identify key differentiators. Components can be tailored to your needs but the options include:

  • Sales Workshops

    • In our interactive Competitive Landscape workshops, our expert analysts review demand-side factors and trends and analyze key competitors' strengths and weaknesses to help you understand where your business and your products stand in the market.
    • The sessions also suggest long and short-term strategic and tactical actions you should consider and provide a competitive intelligence framework of who and what to watch.
    • Competitor Deep-Dive workshops are focused against a specific key competitor.
  • Message Testing

    Our analysts recommend the differentiators and messaging that will put your product in the best light. They also provide a description of competitors' sales messages and tactics and suggest ways to sell against those messages. We help you enter a market knowing how competitors are likely to respond so you're prepared to capture business.

Our Product Planning solution helps support professionals in marketing, brand management and new product development.

Why Current Analysis

Our expert analysts are surveying the market daily, working with the primary research we generate, sitting in on briefings, monitoring the media and keeping in touch with industry decision-makers. They have an unmatched oversight of the market to share with your sales team - the trends driving demand, the vendors winning contracts and the products and services winning favor with customers.

Our analysts are also independent, able to provide objective and unbiased views of your competitors, their products and how they compare with your offering.

Current Analysis has many years' experience at empowering successful sales teams in businesses around the world.

How to access our solutions for your business

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