Designed to deliver immediate, tactical go-to-market guidance, our Primary Research enhances ‘Voice of the customer’ results with our deep understanding of the challenges and competitive pressures that key competitors and ecosystem players are experiencing.

Our results are highly granular with slices based on service type, adoption, size of business, region, vertical market. By including both legacy and emerging players, we provide a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape.

As part of our commitment to Primary Research, we maintain an ongoing program of shared-cost, Multi-client Studies. These give clients opportunities to access high quality demand-side research for a fraction of the investment they’d need to conduct those studies on their own.

Current Analysis takes a tactical, sales enablement focus to these studies, creating actionable, tactical go-to-market guidance that sponsors can use immediately in their marketing and sales to achieve competitive advantage.

Our  Research solutions provide insight and guidance to marketing, product management, competitive intelligence and sales teams in businesses of all sizes, across all global regions.

Why Current Analysis

Current Analysis delivers data to unique depth, engaging with decision-makers and influencers representing at least 80% of any given market. We achieve it with extensive and highly engaged networks developed over 20 years in the business.

We conduct proprietary research with in-house resources and work with best-in-class research instruments.

We have over 100 analysts, all with first class analytical skills along with extensive knowledge of and often first-hand experience in, their specialist industries. They apply advanced proprietary modeling tools, data systems and algorithms.

A rigorous methodology ensures all possible influences are taken into account, while validation by in-country experts ensures our analysis reflects local conditions and behaviors.

How to access our solutions for your business

Get in touch to discuss the ways our intelligence solutions can work for your business.

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